Newest Project 👍

Hello all,

I just posted a pitch for my newest manuscript, Viktor’s Voice, on my Current Projects page. Please stop over and take a look!

This one was inspired by a former classmate — I was thinking about him recently and realized that I don’t know if I ever heard his voice. I’m pretty sure I might have been that kid once (though you’d NEVER believe it now)! Viktor made me laugh as I wrote it! He is one surprising little dude. I picture him as a tiny kid with giant eyes, and his best friend as a huge dude whose head has to be cropped out of the frame because he is so tall. =)

I’m so excited to be workshopping and releasing more projects. If we’ve spoken about this in person you’ve heard me say this before, but 10-year-old Laura would be jumping for joy if she saw what I was up to right now! This experience has been such a blast so far; thank you all for sharing it all with me.



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