Update and Announcement

Hello All,

I haven’t posted in a while because there really hasn’t been much going on to share with you! I’ve received a number of communications from agents, all of which have been encouraging but unfortunately none have led to a partnership. It really doesn’t matter, though — receiving ANY response from an agent feels like a win. It has taken me a long time to build the courage to write, edit, and market these ideas, so every communication feels monumental and special.

Announcement time! After hours of reading and research, conversations with a few people in the field, and thinking critically about what I envision for this project’s future I’ve decided to take Crybaby off the table for the children’s picture book market.

Since Crybaby is very special to me and a story with a message that I feel needs to be heard, I am going to release an illustrated version free to the public on my website within the next couple of months. I will be illustrating it myself and am so looking forward to the challenge! I’ll be sure to keep you updated and even provide sneak peeks from time to time. =)

Thank you for following my progress! I hope you have all had a wonderful start to 2018.




Newest Project 👍

Hello all,

I just posted a pitch for my newest manuscript, Viktor’s Voice, on my Current Projects page. Please stop over and take a look!

This one was inspired by a former classmate — I was thinking about him recently and realized that I don’t know if I ever heard his voice. I’m pretty sure I might have been that kid once (though you’d NEVER believe it now)! Viktor made me laugh as I wrote it! He is one surprising little dude. I picture him as a tiny kid with giant eyes, and his best friend as a huge dude whose head has to be cropped out of the frame because he is so tall. =)

I’m so excited to be workshopping and releasing more projects. If we’ve spoken about this in person you’ve heard me say this before, but 10-year-old Laura would be jumping for joy if she saw what I was up to right now! This experience has been such a blast so far; thank you all for sharing it all with me.



My First Hello!

Hello world!

I’m Laura, and this is a website to showcase my latest projects as well as a place where you can see what I’ve been up to and find all of my social media links in one place.

I am currently seeking representation for my latest book, CRYBABY. If you are an agent and have come here via the link in my query letter, thank you – and welcome! I hope this page offers a bit more insight into who I am as an author and a professional.

To all other visitors, an equally enthusiastic thank you and welcome! Please check me out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Add me, friend me, follow me, and let the fun begin! I am so happy you are here.