Current Projects

These are the projects that I am currently pitching for representation. Please contact me with questions or interest at


Everyone knew that Viktor was a very quiet boy. Nobody — not even his teacher, best friend, or father — ever expected to hear much of his voice, and that was how he liked it. What does he do, then, when he must participate in show and tell?

VIKTOR’S VOICE is a lively, playful peek into the life of a little boy who faces an especially daunting challenge in a surprising way. Most of all, it is a sweet celebration of the gifts that all children hold within them.


All babies cry, but what is a parent to do with those children who seem to carry thunder in their bellies? CRYBABY follows a baby boy and his mother from his first squawking breath to the heavy sobs of adolescence.

A lyrical story of unconditional love between a mother and her son, CRYBABY also carries a poignant message about the wonder of powerful emotions in our lives — and the significance of our loved ones’ responses to them. 

In a world where tears are the enemy, especially for boys, and more and more children are diagnosed with sensory processing disorders each year, parents and children alike need the gentle message of acceptance and support offered in the pages of this picture book.